How to Clean a Gravestone

Gravestones are also known as tombstones or headstones are stones placed on a grave. When you visit a cemetery you will see more of them most cemeteries will also be for a specific shape or size of a gravestone while others have no problem with the kind of gravestone you prefer to use. Over time gravestones can get dirty and need to be cleaned. Have you ever visited a graveyard and thought of cleaning the gravestone of your loved one? If yes, here are simple facts you need to know before the learning proces.

Without stressing their importance, the delicate care they require will not arise. Therefore, great attention is needed when performing regular cleaning to gravestones. Cleaning is preservation. Periodic cleaning can remove bird droppings, lichens, molds, and various stains. Before doing it, one must consider its material components.

When cleaning gravestones, avoid using bleach especially on porous stones. Bleach permeates the stone’s pores and rips it apart from the inside. Repetitive cleaning of gravestones with bleach is more harmful. It can erase the inscriptions and make the stone turn into an unpleasant color.

Condition of the gravestone

The first step before cleaning a gravestone is to assess the condition of the headstone. If it is in a good state, proceed by rinsing sufficient amounts of water using soft bristle brushes. A gravestone will not last long if cleaned with harsh bristled brushes. Although people will always want the hard bristles for stubborn stains, it is not advisable to use them.

If the gravestone is about to crumble or shows signs of cracking, consider soft cleaning without making it worse than it was before. You can also seek to repair it after cleaning to help it last longer. No wire brushes are needed to clean a cracking gravestone. ( Dampen the stone completely then brush away the dirt. Continue rinsing thoroughly until you are done. Do not worry if the stone still looks a little gray. It will lighten up after a few weeks.

Material of the gravestone

Soft materials such as marble, limestone, slate, and sandstone can easily flake off layers. Marble is acid-sensitive and when it comes into contact with acid rainwater their inscriptions can be unreadable compare to others. ( Granite is the best to clean because of its shiny polished finish, in fact cleaning it will only make it brand new like it was before. It also has an easy way of cleaning.

Seek professional services

There are stains that you might not handle by yourself. Other people might find it hard to visit the graveside. For that reason, you might need to hire professional services to help you with the cleaning services. ( Professional gravestone cleaners are specifically experienced in gravestone cleaning and can handle all types of gravestones.

In conclusion, before cleaning a gravestone, one must first appreciate its significance. Great care and attention are essential. Cleaning is part of preservation therefore, be careful when cleaning soft materials such as marble which are acid-sensitive. Avoid using bleach and wire brushes when cleaning.