Types of headstones

Gravestones have been used since traditional times to help remember our loved ones. Choosing the right headstone for your loved one’s tomb may be an important process since the headstone should last long in the memory of them. Read on to find out the types of headstones.

Types of headstones

Upright headstones

As the name suggests, upright headstones are fixed on the ground with a cemented base. Different materials may be used like marble, limestone, and granite, which are commonly used to make gravestones. Texts can be inscribed on them depending on the bereaved instruction.

Flat headstones

Flat headstones are mainly made from bronze and granite. This is because the materials enable it to last longer and are potentially used where weather conditions can get adverse. Flat headstones can be raised above the ground and offer more space for inscribing and images too.

Curbed headstone

Curbed headstones cover the whole grave. They are long and may include an upright headstone to symbolize the front of the grave. It offers a longer space for messages and images from loved ones. Flowers can also be put on top of the headstone.

Cremation memorials

This type of headstone is used by those that cremate the dead. Various types of design may be offered to suit the cremation memorial. The cremation memorial is hollowed out to fit the vase of ashes of the remains. Various vase designs are offered too.

Cremation benches

Cremation benches can belong. This is because they are used to remember a long line of family members rather than one individual. They may require a large space to put up but beneficially offer more space for inscribing, images, and messages from loved ones. Family members can also go to the cremation bench and mourn in quiet, thus spend time with their lost loved ones.